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HPE Aruba Switch DHCP Server Setup Commands.

I will try to put the commands for Two vlans, One is a normal vlan - Test1 and the other a voice vlan so that I can include the voice command as well.  Bold characters are the commands and rest are descriptions. 

vlan 3  (vlan number)

   name "Test1" (vlan name)

   untagged 20-30 (untagged/access ports should be unique, 2 ports cannot be in same vlan as untagged)

   tagged 1 (Tagged ports/trunk for the vlan)

   ip address  (Ip address and subnet for the vlan)

   dhcp-server  (To enable DHCP Server for the VLAN)


vlan 5 (Vlan number)

   name "Test2" (Vlan name- Voice vlan)

   untagged 10-20 (Unatgged Ports)

   tagged 1-10 (Tagged Ports)

   ip address (Ip address and subnet for the vlan)

   dhcp-server  (To enable DHCP Server for the VLAN)

   voice (Enable as Voice Vlan)


Above are the 2 vlans setup now we will see the commands to setup the DHCP Server, note both commands are to be setup on the same switch. The DHCP Server is setup compared based on the network ip address of vlan and not by name or anything else. 

dhcp-server pool "Test-1" (Changes name and added a - to prove that it will still work and not compare on name )

   authoritative (When DHCP server is configured as authoritative, the server will respond to all the received DHCP REQUEST packets belonging to the subnet. In Non-authoritative DHCP Server, DHCP INFORM packets received from the clients on a non-authoritative pool will be ignored.)

   default-router "" (Default Router for the Pool)

   dns-server "," (DNS Servers you use or have)

   lease 08:00:00 (Lease duration this should be in Days-hours-minutes format)

   network (Network Ip address and subnet)

   range (Range you wanna configure the dhcp clients)


dhcp-server pool "Test-Voice"


   default-router ""

   dns-server ","

   lease 08:00:00


   option 150 (if you wish to add a additonal option to be considered- option <type> <value>)



dhcp-server conflict-logging (Log any conflicts)

dhcp-server enable (Command to enable the DHCP Server- if you want to later change any above values you will have to disable DHCP server by dhcp-server disable command go to the pool and change values and enable again DHCP server by dhcp-server enable command for the changes to take effect)

Please leave comments if you have any questions. 

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