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How to Add a Windows Server AD Domain Account as Local Account in Macbook pro?

I believe you all already know how to add a Mac Machine to Windows AD it’s pretty simple and straight. Yup its simple when you already know it. We all get to add it to domain but cannot make users login through their AD username and password once disconnected from LAN or when the dot is red. I will still walk through the process of adding to domain so that if you found this article on the first instance 

Adding MAC to Windows AD domain. These steps are more relevant on macOS Mojave or High Sierra.

Let’s start

Mac Should be connected to the AD Server Network.

Click on System preferences and click on Users and Groups.

Unlock the same and click on Join.

Enter server name in the popup window or enter the IP address  of AD Server (If you prefer to use Domain name DNS settings should be changed prior to using Domain name, DNS should be set to your internal DNS Server IP address).

Then enter System name as specified in AD and AD admin credentials.

Mac will be joined to AD and the green light will appear on the same.

Now Let’s Add a Domain Account as Local Account in Mac

Once added to Domain logout of local account and keep it connected to network and login using a user’s/ Domain Account credential to the MAC.

And then again click on System Preferences and again Users ad Groups and click on current user (Domain Account will appear as Current User) and unlock the same to make changes.

Click on Mobile Account-Create to make current AD username a local account for the user to login when not connected to network.

Again, click on Create

Please specify your AD password. And will prompt for admin username and password please provide the same and your AD account will be added as local account as well.

And then click on Allow user to administer this computer to make user the administrator you will be prompted for username and password enter local admin username password to make the changes.

However, we have noticed that a change in AD password will not change on Mac local account it still uses the same password.

Kindly let us know if you are able to syn the password when changed in AD.

If need assistance please drop in the comment we will try to find a solution for you.

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