QoS Not Installed Error Message in Smart Console on Checkpoint Firewall

We might encounter the error message "QoS Not Installed" on Smart Console on Device Information in status info of Checkpoint Firewall Gateway. Usually installing the policy on the cluster or gateway would resolve the issue. However sometimes the error message continues. 

In that case kindly verify if QoS is ticked in General Properties in Gateway or Gateway cluster properties. Even if you tick the QoS in Device information window and keep installing the policy it does not disappear and shows the same error message. We all do a common and basic mistake here while installing the policy in the installation window make sure to keep the QoS ticked as shown below or else any change on QoS would not take effect. Tick the QoS install the policy your issue should be resolved post installation. 


How to install Windows 10 on Acer g195hq?

The model Number of Acer mentioned is a of a Monitor and not a Laptop or desktop, you cannot install the Windows 10 on the monitor, however on the CPU or Laptop, you can install in the normal way. 

Is there any negative effect if I install Windows 10 in a very low processor laptop?

There is no negative impact as such on anything. Windows 10 requires minimum 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor or System on a Chip (SoC), so you install on any processor above which meets the requirement. However on lesser speed processors the speed performance you get will also be very low. As windows 10 is rich in its graphics display and the processing is pretty fast behind it. So it is not suitable to use on machines with lesser speed processors. 

SonicWALL VPN Client Disappearing issue

This is one particular bug that bugs the most. Hard to find and you just need to keep asking your users to restart and one should be very lucky to get connected to SonicWALL VPN.

The issue description is mostly like, your SonicWALL client just disappears after some time when you try to connect. And it acts very rude you cannot guess when it connects when it does not. And SonicWALL client does not show any error message it just disappears and also in the CMS or Device user sessions it just shows connected with kb's of data movement. 

So, after a lot of struggle and research and support from the SonicWALL support team we got to know that there are a lot of issues with respect to V3 attributes. If you are still using V3 attributes in the configuration of your SonicWALL profiles, the get rid of it to resolve the issue.

Work Smarter From Home With Windows 10

Working from home takes some getting used to, and among the hardest things is to develop self-discipline to work. It's important to approach working from home in the right way and with the right tools or you risk being incredibly unproductive. While the tools you need will vary depending on the precise nature of your work, there are some programs and options that will apply to most people.
Here we have brought together some features of Windows 10 that are helpful.

1. Keep things separate with virtual desktops
Some of us are predominantly used to external monitors and separating our views, windows and work assignments/projects between our laptop screen and external monitor. Below features and options will come handy to achieve the same on a single screen. Get used to it and it does come very handy. 
Press [Windows]+[Ctrl]+[D] to create a new virtual desktop.
And [Windows]+[Ctrl] + [Arrow keys (<- or ->)] to move between them. 
Press [Windows]+[Tab] to access Task View which include virtual desktops at the top of the screen. And you can shift different open windows/apps to different desktops by selecting and adding them. 

2. Divide Screen for Multiple Windows and Apps. 
Pressing Windows Key + Left Arrow makes open window fill up the left half of the screen. Again, pressing up or down key makes it occupy 1/4th half of the screen
Windows Key + Right Arrow makes open window fill up the right half of the screen.

3. Use Focus Assist to avoid distractions
There are more distractions at home, so it makes sense to do whatever you can to stay focused. Windows 10 includes Focus Assist which can be used to limit the number of notifications that are displayed, hopefully helping you to stay on track. You can search for Focus Assist from Search Menu and configure the same as per your need. Click the notification button at the far right of the taskbar, and click the Focus Assist icon to toggle between Alarms mode, Priority alerts mode, or turning it off.

4. Use cloud storage to share files and also as Backup
There will almost certainly be times when you need to work with others collaboratively, even when you're working from home. This will often mean sharing files with co-workers, and while you can email files back and forth, it's much easier to use something like Microsoft One Drive /Google Drive. Not only can you store files in the cloud and share them with people, but you can also edit files online, and even collaboratively edit at the same time Word, Excel, One Note and Power Point. It also keeps your files safe and can be accessed from any device.

Aruba AP Virtual Controller firmware version “” does not support Mac Devices.

         Hello all I believe many people are scratching their head on why mac devices, iphone, ipad are not getting IP from Aruba Central Virtual Controller when installed with firmware version “”. Once connected to an SSID it says Deny All. There is a bug in the firmware version “”. Hence please use firmware version “” it does support all kinds of devices and work well. 

          However the latest version supports Android and Windows devices just that it does not allow Mac devices, how is it differentiating no idea. Hence kindly install the firmware version “” and enjoy.

Sonic Wall VPN tool issues

        Most of the SonicWALL VPN issues are related to some settings being changed in the network driver. Or because of users not installing regular windows patches or drivers recommended. Or not being restarted for quite a long. One of the commands I feel very handy and has resolved most of the issues on Windows 7 and Windows 10 OS is netsh int ip reset. Please run the same in CMD admin mode and a restart is usually not required. You can run this command without fear it does not change anything major or introduce any new issues, till now with my experience. It is a super magic command which helps to resolve most of the VPN issues. And the if still unresolved you can try reinstalling the VPN client. It works good for most models and versions of SonicWALL client.